Dalmau Workbench Optional Accessories

Bench Dog

This aluminium bench dog can be used on any hole on the Dalmau Workbench (top and sides).  Used in conjunction with the vices on the sides of the bench or a Hold Down Clamp on the top of the bench; this allows for a wide range of work to be safely performed.

Hold Down Clamp

The Dalmau Hold Down Clamp is a well designed clamp that can be quickly attached and detached using any hole on the top of the Dalmau Workbench.  This allows for a wide range of shaped and sizes or work to be safely held on the bench.  Work pieces can be cantilevered over the bench safely due to the design and weight of the Dalmau Workbench.

Lightning Clamp

This proprietary clamp allows for very high work pieces to be safely clamped. See for detailed information about this product.