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Work Benches
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The Dalmau Workbench is a four person work station that is a complete workbench system:

  • Inclusive of four (4) Quick-Action vices for woodwork, a Masonite work top, pine false jaws for the vices, two (2) hold down clamps and four (4) bench dogs
  • Manufactured to allow easy adaption using optional accessories, allowing for materials other than wood to be used on the workbench (e.g. metal, soldering, jewellery, MetalCraft™ work, the Beam Bench catering for persons with disabilities)
  • Weighing enough to allow for heavy duty work to be performed safely by up to 4 persons on the workbench at the same time (from basic individual skills acquisition to design-based team projects)

The workbench is designed and manufactured in Queensland:

  • Designed with the new National Technology Curriculum in mind, allowing for product prototyping and testing using a range of materials and technologies
  • Made from 32mm 0E MR MDF (zero emissions, moisture resistant, medium-density fibreboard) sourced in Australia from sustainable radiata pine plantation forests
  • Manufactured using accurate CNC technology to allow the use of dogs, jigs and fixtures to securely and safely clamp and hold a wide range of different sized materials
  • The accuracy in the construction of the workbench provides a safe flat work surface which allows for quality work to be produced (without a flat and accurate surface, accurate work is difficult to achieve)