Products Used:

Aviation High is a state high school in an inner city suburb of Brisbane that focuses on education related to Aerospace for Year 8 to Year 12 students. In 2004 the school became a “Gateway to the Aerospace Industries” campus. Aviation High is now the hub of this project. This partnership offers students unique opportunities to access training and industry experience in an array of Aerospace careers. Students have an increasing Aerospace context in every subject, as well as having specialist Aerospace subjects available.

Dalmau Designs was commissioned to design and install the tool management and storage system within the school’s two workshops. In order to prepare the students for work in the aerospace industry, the tool storage system had to incorporate tool tag-out with clear visibility and traceability.

The Dalmau Tool Garage was chosen to deliver this brief. The product’s in-built capability allowed seamless adaption for tool tag-out.